Thriving in Change Training Video Segments: Here are some short videos featuring Dr. Patrick Keifert and Dr. Pat Taylor Ellison that describe Thriving in Chasnge and what it can do.

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  Part 1 of 9 - 4 minutes
Person on the Street Interviews: What does the average person think about what God is up to in the church and in the world today?
  Part 2 of 9 - 1 minutes, 43 seconds
Introduction to Thriving in Change: How can our churches meet together to talk about important things and make space and time to listen for God’s call in the process?
  a   Part 3 of 9 - 18 minutes, 50 seconds
Philippians Bible Study: Professor David Frederickson unpacks our Dwelling text, Philippians 1:27 & 2:5-11, showing God at the center of the early church and God’s call to our churches today.
  a   Part 4 of 9 - 3 minutes, 41 seconds
The Fact-Value Split: How can a game of hopscotch illustrate the problem with the way we currently talk about things – or fail to do so?
  a   Part 5 of 9 - 3 minutes, 47 seconds
The Box: The ground rules of Thriving in Change help keep our conversation healthy and civil, and also make time and space to listen for God in our midst.
  a   Part 6 of 9 - 6 minutes
The Metaphor of Light: How can we learn to see even conflicted topics as a way for God to shed light into our challenges and call us into God’s preferred and promised future for us?
  a   Part 7 of 9 - 4 minutes, 40 seconds
The Triangle: What are our 3 brainstorm categories, and how does it work to view any question through them help us get all the fact, values and opinions out on the table in a healthy way?
  a   Part 8 of 9 - 7 minutes
The Triangle-Pyramid: Watching a demonstration of a group gathered to try thriving in Change on an issue they need to come to terms with. How does it look? How does it work?
  a   Part 9 of 9 - 3 minutes, 30 seconds
Five Practical How-Tos: Follow a few simple steps to get the logistics right for your Thriving in Change meeting – you’ll be glad you did.
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