Create a Local Church Study

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There are several ways to create a local church study. The first is to use Church FutureFinder.

1. Go to

2. Read the home page and then find the NEW USERS square at the bottom and click “sign up”

3. Accept the terms of placing your answers into Church FutureFinder (among other things, your information will become part of a database that will be publically accessible by church scholars, consultants, and other congregations, and you promise to enter honest answers).

4. Establish a username and password, input your name and address, and submit it. You will have created your own home page with a dashboard! You will be sent back to the home page, where now you can enter your username and password, and you’ll be taken to your own dashboard page.

5. Scroll down the page until you see the words “create new study”, and on the next screen, click “create new study outside of any group.” Then your adventure begins. You’ll place numbers, descriptions, and even stories into the 12-part study!

One way to augment your study experience is to order the Church FutureFinder User Guide, either as a printed book or a downloadable file. Buying this guide can add real value to your experience, as it contains a sample full study as well as valuable reflection questions to help you make sense of the finished product, often up to 50 pages long.

Book picture and cost, plus link to “CI store”

If you wish to do your study with technical support from us AND receive the User Guide as a part of the package:

Cost for the project and what it includes

Another way to augment your study is to do the interviewing in Sections 9 and 10 of Church FutureFinder. Church Innovations offers analysis of your interior interviews in a process called Congregational Discovery.



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