Additional Resources for Judicatories

Church Innovations online course
Church Innovations online diagnostic
Church Innovations online conversation
Conflict and Mission: helping local churches be caught being Christian rather than being right
What level of conflict is my congregation in?
Mid-governing staff: how do we serve best in conflict?
10 course units that help you Dwell in the Word, diagnose conflict levels, choose appropriate tools for each level and manage your own spiritual life while you do it.
Create a short-term action team of 5 persons to think through the current state of your local church. Use our questions with that team to determine what level of disagreement you have and what might be the best response.
Take part in a 4-week once-a-week online conversation with a consultant and other church members learning to do Communal Spiritual Discernment over tough issues.
Reviews of this conversation process (free)
Reviews of this diagnostic (free)
Reviews of this conversation piece (free)
SAMPLE Unit (free)
Enroll for the course ($50 per person)
Enroll for the diagnostic ($25 per person)
Enroll for the conversation ($50 per person)

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