Research Span

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In the 1980s: working with congregations in the aftermath of conflicted situations.


In the 1990s:

  1. preliminary study with congregations in the Southwestern Minnesota Synod of the ELCA on their habits of decision-making and discernment.
  2. training congregations in the SW MN Synod in Thriving In Change
  3. trainings in 9 other ELCA Synods
  4. trainings in several Mennonite conferences and Episcopal Dioceses.

In the 2000s:

  • Church Innovations Institute focuses its energy on training and support for Partnership for Missional Church, a 3-5 year journey of missional transformation of clusters of congregations. Dwelling in the Word and Thriving in Change are two of a dozen different practices in PMC
  • PMC equips congregations to
    • learn from one another in their cluster
    • faithfully seek God’s call into God’s mission where they live
    • nurture faithful habits that allow them to grow into God’s preferred and promised future for them.
  • How many congregations are engaged in PMC? Over 1000
  • Where are they? Across the USA, South Africa, and the United Kingdom
  • What are we learning? Data from their PMC journey are held in Church Innovations Institute’s online database, Church FutureFinder.


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Research Span