Numbers and Stories

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Church FutureFinder is a user-friendly place to collect numbers and stories about the local church and the community in which it is located. The church team that completes a Church FutureFinder project has dozens of pages of data to interpret and to bring into its discernment process as it wonders who God is sending it to in the community.


Congregational Discovery

What is it?

What Happens?

You name a team of 5-6 Listening Leaders. They need:

  • first rate skill as listeners
  • a reputation in the congregation as not having an axe to grind
  • a reputation for trustworthiness
  • the discipline to record people’s real responses not coloring them with their own feelings

You select this team and we will train them.

The listening leaders conduct 4-5 interviews apiece, collecting a set of 24 interviews. These interviews are input into your Church FutureFinder study.

At Church Innovations

Our reading team coordinator receives your signal that the interviews are all ready. Then she gets them to a reading team. The readers prayerfully analyze them and construct a report that summarizes the responses and also asks questions they want you to consider.

The reading team convener sends the Listening Leader chair this report to edit, and the convener and the Listening Leaders meet by phone to do that. When the report is safe and understandable, finally the Listening Leader team shares the edited report with the congregation’s leadership.

Congregational Discovery Questions

Here are four questions that should be present in every interview:

  • Tell a story about how you sense God’s presence and activity in this congregation.
  • Describe an experience of profound worship you have had.
  • Tell about the ways people fight in this congregation. Tell about a situation where you and other people were involved in a problem at church and how it was handled.
  • Tell a memory that gives you anxiety about the future of this congregation. Tell a memory that gives you hope.

Plus four other questions that get at the influence of African spirituality that immigrants bring to a congregation.




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