Response to Change: Leading and Thriving in Change

Leading and Thriving in Change - giving yourself “lead time,” focusing on God’s preferred future for you during and after the change.

Churches who lead and thrive in change are often looking for the change and see it coming a long way down the road. What will the next thing be? Looking ahead gives them “lead time,” the most valuable resource of a leader.

Churches who lead and thrive in change are often allied with other congregations who are doing the same thing in other locations. They learn from one another. They even share their leadership so that practical Christian wisdom gets multiplied.

Churches who lead and thrive in change have habits, very simple habits, that they use almost all the time to keep them focused on God’s call to them. The habits are practiced in dull and stable times as well as more challenging, unstable times, so that the habit gives the members continuity, and brings them together to form Christian community, even in difficult times.

Keeping an eye out for changes on the horizon. Knowing your partners, wherever they may be. Practicing simple habits all the time so you’re ready when the challenges hit.

Sounds like the life of a sailor, right? How is your voyage going?

What are the most basic habits to practice for Thriving in Change?

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